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About GCC Patent Office

A regional office for the Gulf Cooperation Council, which comprises the States of United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, State of Qatar, and State of Kuwait. Certificates of Patents granted by the GCC Patent Office secure legal protection of the inventor's rights in all Member States. A patent shall be promptly validated in the Member States as of the date of grant. At the moment, national patent offices are in operation in a number of GCC States. These national offices grant patent protection in their respective countries, and the applicant may file as many applications as he wishes with any national office whether such office is already in operation or still in the process of establishment. The applicant may also file an application with the regional office if he so wishes. The GCC Patent Regulation and the Statute of the GCC Patent Office have been granted approval by the Supreme Council during the 13th summit meeting of the heads of Member States, which was held in Abu Dhabi 21-22 September 1992. As of October 3, 1998, the GCC Patent Office started receiving applications. The Office objectives are not limited to the granting of patents, but extend to the following:

Encouragement of scientific and technical research, facilitating movement of technology, and boosting economic growth in the region. Inciting individuals to invest their ideas in the fields of production. Activating trade and industry market by introducing quality products. Contribution to the industrial and agronomic growth in the region publishing creative, innovative, and inventive ideas and securing their protection. Attracting foreign investment to the region by offering property right protection for foreign investors. The Board of Directors of the Office consists of a competent representative from each Member State with a rank not less than a Deputy Minister. Chairmanship of the Board rotates among Members for one-year term. The Patent Office address is on the premises of the GCC Secretariat General, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, according to the following plan Mailing address of the Office:

P O Box 340227 Riyadh 11333 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: (96611) 482 9378, 482 0136 Fax: (96611) 482 9600


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