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[21] Application No.: GC 2012-20458

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[72] Inventors: 1- Mohammed Al-Mehthel،2- Saleh Al-Idi،3- Mohammed Maslehuddin،4- Mohammed Shameem،5- Mohammed Ibrahim

[73] Owners: 1- SAUDI ARABIAN OIL COMPANY, R-3296, Administration Building, 31311, Dhahran , Saudi Arabia،2- King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Eastern Region, P.O. 907, 31261, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

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Examiner: Eng. Ahmed S S Alhinai

[57] Abstract: A calcium alumninate cement protective coating is resistant to sulfuric acid and can be used as a lining to protect surfaces in sulfur storage vessels and sulfuric acid storage vessels. The protective coating can include calcium aluminate cement, calcium aluminate based synthetic aggregates, and water. The protective coating is resistant to sulfur and sulfuric acid attack, and thus can be used to protect surfaces inside sulfur storage pits, sulfur storage tanks, and sulfuric acid storage containers.

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