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Number of the Decision to Grant the Patent: 2018/131235
Date of the Decision to Grant the Patent: 12/Jul/2018

[21] Application No.: GCC/P/2007/8608

[22] Filing Date: 6/27/2007

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[72] Inventors: 1- Jing Juan،2- Mohammed Abdul Bari Siddiqui،3- Khurshid Alam،4- Musaed Salem Musaed Al-Ghamdi،5- Gerard Mcgeehan،6- Zhenrong, Xu،7- Alexey V. Ishchenko،8- Shakeel Ahmed،9- Christopher Dean،10- Lanqi Jia,،11- Suresj B. Singh،12- Wei Zhao،13- Patrick P. Flaherty،14- Robert D. Simpson

[73] Owners: 1- Saudi Arabian Oil Company, 1 Eastern Avenue, Dhahran 31311, Saudi Arabia،2- King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, P.O.Box 5041, Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia

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B01J 21/16, 23/06, 29/08, 37/02; C10G 11/18

[56] Cited Documents:
- US 2005/0121363 A1 (Vierheilig et al.) 09 June 2005  
Examiner: Bander M. Al-Thobity

[57] Abstract: The present invention concerns a novel additive composition for reducing sulfur content of a catalytically cracked gasoline fraction. This additive composition comprises a support consisting of porous clay into which a first metal from group IV is incorporated and a second metal from group II is impregnated. Preferably, the first incorporated metal is zirconium and the second impregnated metal is zinc. The sulfur reduction additive is used in the form of a separate particle in combination with a conventional fluidized catalytic cracking catalyst in a fluid catalytic cracking process to convert hydrocarbon feed stocks into gasoline and other liquid products.

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