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Firstly: Targets and mechanism of cooperation in the field of patents

Seeking to achieve the lofty goals of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and in contribution of the protection of intellectual property rights , pursuant to article (20) of the economical agreement between the GCC States, the Supreme Council of the GCC decided the approval of the GCC Patent Regulation to achieve the following targets:

1-Granting and publishing patents filed at the Patent Office and protecting them from infringement within the GCC States according to the GCC Patent Regulation.
2- Encouraging innovations, and scientific and technical research in the GCC States.
3- Facilitating the flow of technology and pushing the wheel of development.
4- Contributing in the transfer of technology and encouraging and advancing local technologies in line with the needs in the region and its goals of development.
5- Encouraging investment in the productive fields, and activating the industrial and commercial market by providing new verities of products.
6- Assisting towards industrial and agricultural advancement through publishing inventions that serve in various fields.

The Office grants patents to its filed applications if they have met the granting conditions stipulated in the GCC Patent Regulation and its implementing bylaw. A granted patent is considered valid in all the GCC States, and doesn’t need any other procedures in the member States.

The GCC Patent regulations bans the infringement of any patent issued by the Office, by producing the product within the patent , manufacturing , selling, importing or using it, concerned authorities look into lawsuits relevant to infringements occurring in its lands on patents granted by the Office.

Secondly; One Patent

One of the significant tracks of the mutual cooperation between the GCC States is its concern in the protection of intellectual property rights from infringement, and accordingly, the GCC Patent Office has been established as well as the GCC Patent Regulation to reflect the extent of the attention of this vital track as well as motivating the efforts of invention and providing the right environment and creating the suitable atmosphere for inventors and facilitating procedures of protecting their inventions , thereof, the procedures required in granting a patent identified by the regulation " that an applicant shall apply for one patent and granting the applicant the patent after fulfilling the requirements" that allow legal protection for the inventors' inventions from infringement in all the GCC States, instead of repeating procedures in the national patent offices, as the applicant can file an application at several of the existing national offices or otherwise file an application at the regional office to cover all member States, according to preference. Patent applications at the GCC Patent Office have reached the number of (30904) applications, which assures the significance of supporting this track that significantly plays a role in spreading the culture of intellectual property as well as the awareness of its importance, in addition to the quality of the patent granted by the Office, especially that most filed patent applications at the Office are owned by international companies

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