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Grievance Committee holds its periodical meeting in the Secretariat- General's headquarters in Riyadh

The Grievance Committee of the GCC Patent Office, a committee that’s formed based a decision of the Ministerial Council, held a meeting on 22-23 December, 2015, at the headquarters of the GCC-Secretariat General to look into grievances cases.
Worth mentioning is that the Grievance Committee is composed of 12 legal and technical members from member States – elected by the Ministerial Council, specialized in viewing appealed grievances of patent applicants against decisions issued by the GCC Patent office, as the practice of the committee is legalized by the GCC Patent Regulation. The committee's decisions are made by the majority of two-thirds of present members (attendees of members). Furthermore, the implementing bylaw has regulated adopted procedures for this system to pleading before the Grievance Committee.

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