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The GCC Patent Office participates in the 8th International Exhibition of inventions in Kuwait

In the framework of the implementation of cooperation programs between the Secretariat-General of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC Patent Office) and the national patent offices in the GCC States, the GCC Patent Office participates in the 8th international exhibition of inventions - in the middle-east, that was held between 16-19 November 2015, and organized by the scientific club in Kuwait in cooperation with Geneva international exhibition of inventions, as the office presented its award worth of 50 thousand SAR apportioned between the first three places of participating inventions of the citizens/inventors of the GCC, to promote innovation and invention.
It is the international exhibition of invention in the middle-east that is held annually since 2007, under a generous sponsorship of his Highness the Prince of Kuwait, one of the most significant exhibitions specialized in inventions in the middle-eastern region, as it also an opportunity to convey the culture of invention and innovation among the GCC societies, as well, a chance that allows encounter between investors and inventors to approach a knowledge-based society.
Participants of the exhibition are inventors from different countries around the world with more than 150 invention, annually. Experts in the field of invention and innovation are expected to participated in such event, as inventions are assessed by a competent judgment committee.
The main targets of the GCC Patent office through participating in that exhibition is to contribute in the promotion of innovation and invention among GCC citizens, in addition to familiarizing guests with the Secretariat-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council & and GCC Patent Office, as well as strengthening communication with institutions of innovation and invention promotion in and out of the CC States, and lastly introducing rights of inventors and promoting the rule of innovation and intellectual property in those GCC citizens participating in the exhibitions

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