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Seminar on the Importance of Strategic Planning for Patent and Intellectual Property Offices

Held at the headquarters of the GCCPO on 28 Oct 2016, a seminar on "the importance of strategic planning for patent and intellectual property offices" presented by Mr. Saad Aldhafiri – Intellectual Property Consultant. At the commencement, HE Director General welcomed all participants as he expressed his gratitude to Mr. Saad for taking such initiative to hold this seminar. Various of subjects were covered such as SWOT Analysis method for analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. At the conclusion of this seminar, HE Director General honored a group of employees for their contributions in presenting programs and themes to introduce the GCC Patent Office in various occasions, they are as follows:
Mr. Saad A. Aldhafiri - Intellectual Property Consultant in the Director General's Office
Enj. Abdullah S. Almazroa – Patent Consultant in the Director General's Office
Enj. Abdulaziz S Al-motek – Examiner
Mrs. Fatima Aldomiri - Follow up and Reports Specialist in the Director General's Office
Ms. Fatima Alrahbi - Public Relations Specialist
Mr. Abdulrahman A Almohawes – Head of Patent Information Technology Section
Ms. Nourah A. Alhokair - Head of Publishing and Granting Section
Ms. Ghadah AL Otaibi – Filing and Customer Service Specialist
Ms. Hala S. Alajmi - Formal Audit Specialist
Enj. Ali Almulla - Head of Innovation and Invention Promotion Unit
Amal S Al Mubarak - Secretary of Grievances Committee

Ms Nouf S. Alnassban - Senior Examiner
Mr. Abrar Alsaleem - Examiner
Mr. Bander Althobity - Senior Examiner

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