Measures taken by the Patent Office of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, aiming at minimizing the implications of the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak on patent applicants

Drawing upon the precautionary and preventive measures taken by the GCC Secretariat General to eradicate the novel Corona virus and to eliminate its spread in alignment with the measures taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (the headquarter state of the GCCSG) and by refference to Article 6 paragraph 3 of the Implementing Bylaw of the GCC patent law, the following has been decided:

Firstly:  continuition of work suspension at the headquarter of the  GCC Patent Office until a further notice.

Secondly: Extension of time-limits connecting to patent applications set out in the GCC patent law and its implementing bylaw, which expire during the work suspension period, and such extension is deemed void on the first working day following the work suspesion peroid.

Thirdly: continuation of all procedures relating to the processing of patent applications filed with the GCC Patent Office to be remotely dealt with  through “Hemayah” Platform which shall include, filing new applications, registration of completions, making amendments and ownership changes, responding to notices issued by the office, grievances submission, and conducting all financial operations.

In case of any inquiries concerning this exceptional situation or regarding any of the procedures related to patent applications, and in order for appropriate actions to be taken, you are kindly requested to contact the GCCPO through the announced communication channels, or via E-mailing Eng. Mousab Al-Fadhala, Director of Filing and Granting Department at the GCCPO:

We wish everyone a healthy life and safe working environment.

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