1. Abstract should not exceed half a page, and maximum length should be one page.

2. In cases where illustrative drawings are enclosed, number of the figure representing the invention in general should be pointed out at the end of the abstract.

3. If contents of the drawing specified in the previous item are referred to in the abstract, and the drawing had any numbers or letters used to distinguish these contents, the same numbers or letters should be indicated between brackets within the abstract.

4. The abstract should contain briefing of what is revealed in the description, claims, and graphs, and should indicate the technical field of invention as well as the main aspects of utilization of the invention and, if necessary, the technical formula should be given to better distinguish the invention in relation to other formulas indicated in the request. The applicant should enclose the best graphs with the abstract. It should be taken into consideration that abstracts do not interpret the range of protection.

5. The mention of potential future significance, values or characteristics of the invention should be avoided.

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