Detailed Description

The Detailed Description should start by theTitle of the Invention, and the followings should be observed:

- Identifying the technical field relevant to the invention..

- Indication of prior art/ state of art, that the applicant should be aware of which might be useful in understanding, examining and searching invention. It is also recommended to mention the documents relevant to the field..

- Briefly describing figures in the drawings if any.

- Usage of simple, comprehensible, clear, and thorough language in introducing the invention to enable individuals of average skills in the field to evaluate the invention and put it in hand, in addition to indication of implications of the invention, if any.

- Provision of brief description of illustrative drawings, if any.

- Explanation of the best approaches reached by the applicant to implement the invention, by giving examples when needed and referring to drawings if any.

- Clear explanation of industrial application of the invention, method of manufacturing and utilization, or just the utilization whenever possible, as well as approached outcomes supported by examples and statistics whenever possible.

The previous parts are to be in sequential order under the following titles:

Title of the invention – technical field – technical background – discloser of the invention – description of figures and drawings – methods of implementing the invention – method of industrially applying the invention.

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