Sixth: Guideline for Explanatory Graphs

1.For graphs, A4 size sheets should be used as it is suitable for good and clear graphs that can clearly be copied, and figures should be drawn upright on the page whenever possible.

2.Sheets should be respectively numbered, and the total number of drawing sheets of explanatory graphs, i.e.1/4,2/4,3/4 and 4/4, below the top margin in the middle of the page.

3.One page may contain more than one explanatory drawing and, if necessary, several sheets may be used for one drawing, provided they can be easily attached to complete the picture.

4.In case more than one graph was sketched on a single sheet, a space should be left in between, and graphs should be given serial numbers.

5.Explanatory graphs should be given separate numbers, regardless of the sheet number and, whenever possible, they should be put together and organized according to serial numbers.

6.Explanatory graphs should not be shaded, and should be defined by dark lines, while interrupted lines should define sectors without using colours.

7.Nothing should be written on the drawing sheets, be that relevant to the title of the invention or its description, but when absolutely necessary a few explanatory words may be used to clarify the basics of the figure.

8.The size of numbers used to list elements of drawings or the letters used to distinguish their contents should be not less than 3 mm, and the same numbers and letters should be used for different drawings to identify the same contents.

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