Board of Directors' Duties and Responsibilities

The board of directors composes of a representative from each member State who is at least undersecretary.
The board of directors is chaired by one of its members for year-period, by alternation according to the adopted system in the Gulf Cooperation Council.
The board of directors is congregated by an invitation of its chairman, at least once a year.
A board meeting is not considered valid unless attended by the third of its members including the chairman.
Board decisions are voted by the majority of the attending members, such decisions are to obligated by all member States.
Duties and Responsibilities of the board:
1-Specializations stipulated in the patent regulation, thereof; granting mandatory permit and utilization invention according to the terms and conditions set out in the articles (19,20,21) of the patent regulation.
2- Proposing implementing bylaws for the patent regulation.
3-Identifing needs and making necessary plans and strategies for the work of the Office.
4- Any other duties assigned by the Ministerial Council.
5- Establishing criteria and controls relevant to appointing a director general.
6- Opening branches of the Office in any GCC State.
7- Identifying annual budget of the Office.
Number of the board meetings have reach 25 since its establishment

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