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[72] Inventors:1- Steven Elmer CHICHESTERŲŒ2- Michael James HICKEY

[73] Owner: Lummus Technology Inc., 1515 Broad Street, New Jersey 07003-3096, Bloomfield, USA

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Int. Cl.: C10J 3/00; G01J 5/00; G01K 1/14, 11/22, 7/02 (2006.01)

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-US 2009-0038222 A1 (OOUGLAS et al.) 12 February 2009  
Examiner: Eng. Ahmed S S Alhinai

[57] Abstract: A temperature measurement system for a gasifier may employ a first stage gasifier with a refractory wall that defines a first stage gasifier volume. A protruding refractory brick may protrude from the first stage refractory wall and into a gaseous flow path of the first stage gasifier volume. The temperature sensor may reside completely through the refractory wall, which may be a plurality of brick layers, except for a tip end of a temperature sensor that may reside in a blind or non-through hole within the protruding refractory brick. The protruding refractory brick protrudes beyond a normal wall surface of the plurality of brick layers that defines the first stage gasifier volume. The protruding refractory brick may have a face that forms an angle that is not 90 degrees, such as 45 degrees, relative to the gaseous flow path of the fluid stream through the first stage gasifier volume.
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