[12] Patent
[11] Patent No.:GC0006633  
[45] Date of Publishing the Grant of the Patent: 31/Dec /2017                44/2017  
Number of the Decision to Grant the Patent:2017/117127
Date of the Decision to Grant the Patent:06/Dec/2017

[21] Application No.:GC 2016-32504

[22] Filing Date:6/12/2016

[72] Inventor: Awatif Allhyani

[73] Owner: Awatif Allhyani, 21926, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

[74] Agent: Awatif Allhyani




Int. Cl.: G06K7/10 (2006.01)

[56] Cited Documents:

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Examiner: Eng. Ghassan F. AlBuhairan

[57] Abstract: The current invention which consists of a portable easy-to-use ring (6) that can be worn on the finger. It is used to scan data or materials that is desired to be scanned, then it is stored and transferred wirelessly to any other display or storage unit. This ring consists a programmer (2), storage memory (1), and one lens for scanning (4). The current invention’s feature is that the device can scan the selected area by finger only. This invention is designed to be only used by the authorized persons, and that is by setting the fingerprint in a fingerprint detector (3), so that the user can use the device to transfer, display, or save data.
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