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Date of the Decision to Grant the Patent:14/Oct/2020

[21] Application No.:GC 2019-37460

[22] Filing Date:25/4/2019

[72] Inventor: FARRAJ J A ALDASEM

[73] Owner: FARRAJ J A ALDASEM, Aloyoun, Block. 3, St. 2, H. 42, Aljahraa, Kuwait

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Examiner: Eng. Mohammad W. AlHoshan

[57] Abstract: A remotely controlled bird trap system that allows a user to watch and catch a bird entering the trap. The system includes a bow net trap adapted to receive bait inside to attract birds. A remotely controlled digital camera with cellular communications is controlled using an app on a user’s smart device. The camera includes tilt control. A link is provided between the camera housing and trap trigger mechanism, such that the trap can be sprung by tilting the camera upwardly using the app on the smart device.
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