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Examiner: Eng. Ahmed Saleem AlHinai

[57] Abstract: A B S T R A C TMETHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REDUCING ADDITIVES IN A HYDROCARBON STREAMA method for reducing one or more additives in a gaseous hydrocarbon stream (40) such as natural gas, comprising the steps of:(a) admixing an initial hydrocarbon feed stream (10) with one or more additives (20) to provide a multiphase hydrocarbon stream (30);(b) passing the multiphase hydrocarbon stream (30) from a first location (A) to a second location (B2);(c) at the second location (B2), passing the multiphase hydrocarbon stream (30) through a separator (22) to provide one or more liquid streams (50) comprising the majority of the one or more additives, and a gaseous hydrocarbon stream (40) comprising the remainder of the one or more additives; and(d) washing the gaseous hydrocarbon stream (40) in a decontamination unit (24) with a washing stream (60), wherein the washing stream (60) comprises distilledwater, to provide an additive-enriched stream (70) and an additive-reduced hydrocarbon stream (80).
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