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Number of the Decision to Grant the Patent:2018/140705
Date of the Decision to Grant the Patent:02/Dec/2018

[21] Application No.:GCC/P/2008/10616

[22] Filing Date:19/4/2008

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[72] Inventor: William Lanham-New

[73] Owner: D3TEX LIMITED, 4 Whitmore Hill Cottages, Hindhead, Surrey, GU26 6LU, United Kingdom

[74] Agent: Suleiman I. Al-Ammar Law Office




Int. Cl.: A61N5/06 (2006.01)

[56] Cited Documents:

-US 5518798 A (RIEDEL HERBERT [DE]) 21 May 1996
-US 5883740 A (CHUBB CHARLES R [US] ET AL) 16 March 1999
Examiner: PH. Ahlam S. AlMusallam

[57] Abstract: A garment comprising UV-transparent material is described for use in the treatment or prevention of Vitamin D deficiency. The garment may be suitable to be worn as a part of traditional Muslim clothing, for example as a part of the hijab. The wearing of such a garment may reduce the risk of Vitamin D deficiency in veiled Muslim women.
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