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[72] Inventors:1- Dr. Antje KAHNERT ،2- David LIGHT،3- Dr. Doug SCHNEIDER ،4- Dr. Renate PARRY،5- Dr. Noboru SATOZAWA ،6- Dr. Tara HEITNER ،7- Dr. Stefan STEIDL ،8- Dr. Ulrike SCHUBERT

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Examiner: PH. Bashair Z. AlEnizi

[57] Abstract: A ceiling mounted lift for a multimedia projector that can be installed into a hollow ceiling. The same is equipped with a frame-shaped base plate (2) that can be fitted to an original ceiling, and with a platform (5) receiving the projector that can be lowered in relation to the base plate (2) from a non-usage position into a usage position. For lowering and lifting the platform (5) lifting spindles (3) that can be driven equally in both rotation directions and co-operatively connected with spindle nuts (4) are provided. The lifting spindles (3) as well as the spindle nuts (4) are equipped with a circular thread, whereby the spindle nuts (4) consist of Nylon thread nuts.
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