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[72] Inventors:1- Clyde L. Rhodes،2- John F. Szul

[73] Owner: Dow Technology Investments LLC, 2020 Dow Center, Midland, Michigan 48674, USA

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Int. Cl.: B01D 5/00; C07D 301/32, 303/04 (2006.01)

[56] Cited Documents:

-GB 814 119 A (DU PONT) 27 May 1959
-US 1 361 910 A (SCHUBERT FRANK H) 14 December 1920
Examiner: Saja Mohammed AlHassan

[57] Abstract: Methods, apparatus, and processes are provided for a condenser including flowing a vapor stream including formaldehyde into a tube bundle in a vertical upflow reflux condenser, where a tube in the tube bundle has a length to outside diameter ratio of greater than about 170:1, flowing a cooling fluid on a shell-side of the vertical upflow reflux condenser to condense at least a portion of the vapor stream, where the condensed portion of the vapor stream forms a wetted tube internal surface area on each tube in the generally upright tube bundle; and maintaining the vapor stream velocity at a rate that provides a liquid residence time where formaldehyde condensed on the wetted internal surface area of each tube can react with water to form methylene glycol, removing at least sixty percent (60%) of formaldehyde from the vapor stream fed to the condenser.
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