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[72] Inventors:1- Yusuke Kawakami،2- Mari Kashiwagi

[73] Owner: UNI-CHARM CORPORATION, 182, Shimobun, Kinsei-cho, Kawanoe-shi, 799-0111 , Ehime, Japan

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Int. Cl.: A61F 13/42 ,13/49 (2006.01)

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Examiner: Mariam AlZayed

[57] Abstract: It is an object of the present invention to provide anabsorbent article enabling the presence of moisture, for example, derived from urination to be correctly recognized. The object set forth above is achieved, according to thepresent invention, by an improvement in an absorbent article having a longitudinal direction, a transverse direction, a side facing the wearer's skin, a side facing a wearer‘s garment, a front waist region, a rear waist region and a crotch region extending between the front and rear waist regions wherein these regions being contiguous one to another in the longitudinal direction, and comprising an inner sheet lying on the side facing wearer's skin, an.outer sheet lying on the side facing wearer's garment, 51 liquid-absorbent structure sandwiched between the inner and outer sheets and occupying at least the crotch.region.andwmoisture'visualizing elements formed.on the side:of the outer sheet facing the liquidwabsorbent structure and adapted to develOp change of Optical effect upon contactwith moisture
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