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[72] Inventor: Mr. Rafic Boulos DAOU

[73] Owner: Mr. Rafic Boulos DAOU, Alqlaa Street, Rafic Daou, 3rd and 4th floor, 25 bdadoon, Qada Alia, Lebanon

[74] Agent: Dr. Ali A Alsuwalem




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Examiner: Eng. Fahad M. AlBaker

[57] Abstract: The present invention relates to a steel production facility (1) and a method of uninterrupted or at least cyclical steelmaking in said facility (1), wherein in case of uninterrupted steelmaking at least the first three of the following steps and in case of cyclical steelmaking all five steps will be used: -charge materials are molten uninterruptedly or at least cyclically in an electric arc furnace (10); -the charge materials like in particular shredded scrap-iron pieces (71) shredded in a shre ding-system (40) for shredding discarded iron and/or steel junk (scrap 70), Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) and/or Hot Briquette Iron (HBI) are uninterruptedly or at least continuously during a melting process cycle fed into the electric arc furnace (10) by means of conveyance (50, 51, …); -a part of liquid steel is uninterruptedly or cyclically discharged from the steel bath of the electric arc furnace (10); -from the thermic energy included in the hot process-exhaust (furnace top 20) of the electric arc furnace (10), electric energy is, by means of power generation (30, 31, 32), generated uninterruptedly or at least during a melting process cycle; -a shred-ding-system (40) assigned to the electric arc furnace (10) for shredding discarded iron and/or steel junk (scrap 70) is powered uninterruptedly or at least during a melting process cycle by the electric energy generated from the process exhaust (furnace top 20). The present steel production facility (1), which sets new standards in terms of total energy-balance with regard to productivity and energy saving, consistently continues the trend of the last years.
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