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[57] Abstract: The present invention aims to provide a disposable wearing article including a buttocks-covering section having tensile force sufficient to prevent this section from lifting and/or quirking during use of the wearing article and being free from anxiety that the buttocks-covering section might irritate the wearer's skin even if this section comes in contact with the wearer's skin. In this diaper, a rear waist region 14 includes an inner sheet 28 lying on a skin-facing side, an outer sheet 29 lying on a non-skin-facing side, a rear waist main section 18 facing a front waist region 13 and a buttocks-covering section 19 located below the rear waist main section 18 wherein the buttocks-covering section 19 is provided with a plurality of buttocks-covering section elastic elements 32 in the form of strands extending in a transverse direction X at a given distance one from another in a longitudinal direction Y and, in the buttocks-covering section 19, the inner sheet 28 and the outer sheet 29 are bonded to each other by adhesive 57 applied to peripheral surfaces of the respective buttocks-covering section elastic elements 32.[REFERRING TO] Fig. 1
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