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[21] Application No.:GC 2011-18337

[22] Filing Date:4/5/2011

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[72] Inventors:1- Gonglu Tian ،2- David L. Bergman, Jr.،3- Yaru Shi

[73] Owner: EVONIK CORPORATION, 299 Jefferson Road, Parsippany, , USA

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Int. Cl.: A61L 15/26 (2006.01)

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Examiner: Saja Mohammed AlHassan

[57] Abstract: The present invention relates to a particulate superabsorbent polymer comprising a monomer and a crosslinkcr composition wherein the particulate superabsorbcnt polymer has a Centrifuge Retention Capacity Increase of Zg/g or more as set forth herein in the Centrifuge Retention Capacity Increase Test. The present invention further relates to a superabsorbent polymer comprising a crosslinker composition comprising a silane compound comprising at least one vinyl group or one allyl group attached to a silicon atom, and at least one Si-O bond. The present invention further relates to an absorbent article that includes such superabsorbent polymers.
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