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[72] Inventors:1- SNAPE, StevenŲŒ2- MERRILL, Antoni

[73] Owner: THOMAS & BETTS INTERNATIONAL, INC., 501 Silvers ide Road, Suite 67, Wilmington, DE 19809, USA

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Int. Cl.: E04B 1/68; H02G 3/0678,3/22 (2006.01)

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Examiner: Eng. Saleh M. AlAqil

[57] Abstract: An apparatus 100 for providing a watertight seal between an earthing rod 106 and a building structure having a waterproof membrane 128. The apparatus 100 comprises a tube 110 adapted such that the earthing rod 106 may pass therethrough, first sealing means for preventing the passage of moisture between the earthing rod 106 and the tube 110 and second sealing means for preventing the passage of moisture between the tube 110 and the waterproof membrane. The apparatus comprises clamping means having upper and lower clamp members 120, 130 adapted such that the waterproof membrane 128 may be clamped therebetween.
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