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[11] Patent No.:GC0004520  
[45] Date of Publishing the Grant of the Patent: 31/Dec /2016                32/2016  
Number of the Decision to Grant the Patent:2016/89543
Date of the Decision to Grant the Patent:14/Dec/2016

[21] Application No.:GC 2011-19201

[22] Filing Date:4/9/2011

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[72] Inventors:1- Dr. Marcus Schafer،2- Dr. Oliver Krätzschmar

[73] Owner: Wacker Chemie AG , Hanns-Seidel-Platz 4, 81737, Munchen, Germany

[74] Agent: Dennemeyer & Associates




Int. Cl.: C01B33/02; C01B33/035; C30B13/00; C30B15/00; C30B29/06 (2006.01)

[56] Cited Documents:

- EP 1223 146 A1 (WACKER CHEMIE GMBH [DE]) 17 July 2002
- US 4 148 931 A (REUSCHEL KONRAD ET AL) 10 April 1979
Examiner: Eng. Abdulaziz S. AlMotek

[57] Abstract: The invention provides a process for producing polycrystalline silicon, comprising introduction of a reaction gas comprising a silicon-containing component and hydrogen by means of one or more nozzles into a reactor comprising at least one heated filament rod on which silicon is deposited, wherein an Archimedes number Arn which describes flow conditions in the reactor, as a function of the fill level FL which states the ratio of one rod volume to one empty reactor volume in percent, for a fill level FL of up to 5% is within the range limited at the lower end by the function Ar = 2000 x FL-0.6 and at the upper end by the function Ar = 17 000 x FL-0.9, and at a fill level of greater than 5% is within a range from at least 750 to at most 4000.
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