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[72] Inventors:1- Mohan L. Soni،2- Jeremy J. Guillory،3- Gerald D. Lynde،4- Ronnie D. Russell،5- Steve Rosenblatt

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Examiner: Ali Ahmed Almulla

[57] Abstract: A subterranean debris catcher swirls the incoming debris laden stream by putting grooves or spiral projections on the inside of the inlet pipe. In some embodiments the solids come out of openings in the side of the inlet pipe and in others the solids can exit near the top either directly into the enclosed solids holding volume as the liquid exits straight out or the solids can be discharged out the end of the inlet pipe into the bigger open space defined by the housing. In the latter case the inside housing wall can have a screen or vanes that slow down the solid particles as the fluid continues to a housing exit and eventually to an exit screen before being discharged to either go to the surface or recirculate back along the outside of the tool to the inlet pipe while picking up additional debris.
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