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[72] Inventor: Mohamed Zaki Ramadan Osman

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Int. Cl.: G06F 3/02 , 9/44 (2006.01)

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Examiner: Eng. Ghassan F. AlBuhairan

[57] Abstract: An ergonomic keyboard is described. In one aspect, a keyboard layout for a subject language is developed by determining a percent of frequency of monograph characters and digraphs of characters used in writing in the subject language. Thereafter, each key for the characters from each most frequent digraph 5 is positioned under different hands on the keyboard layout, on a middle row of the keyboard layout, and under the index or middle fingers of a keyboard user. Other most frequent characters are positioned in the middle row of the keyboard layout or in a position on the keyboard layout to be struck using the index or middle fingers. The least frequent 10 monograph characters are positioned in the bottom and top rows of the keyboard, with the least frequent characters under pinky fingers of a keyboard user. An optimized Arabic keyboard layout is also disclosed.
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