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Examiner: Sarah Fahad Al-Dossary

[57] Abstract: Embodiments of the present disclosure include a system and method for the production of oxidized olefins. For the various embodiments, two or more reactors include a number of reaction tubes each having a first surface defining a first side and a second surface defining a second of each of the tubes side are provided. For the various embodiments, a catalyst for catalytic oxidation of olefins can be located on the first side of the number of reaction tubes is included. A common supply line supplies inlets to each reactor that provide a mixture comprising olefins and oxygen to the catalyst. Product outlet streams of each reactor receive at least the oxidized olefin product and are joined to a single product stream. Coolant fluid passes through the reactors to remove heat from the number of reaction tubes and flows into a single coolant drum connected to the two or more reactors. The single coolant drum receives the coolant fluid from a number of coolant fluid outlet streams of each of the reactors. The single coolant drum supplies the coolant fluid at a common temperature to a number of coolant fluid inlet streams of each reactor.
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