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[21] Application No.:GC 2012-21720

[22] Filing Date:9/7/2012

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[72] Inventor: Ronald G. PETERSON

[73] Owner: UNICO LLC, 3725 Nicholson Road, Franksville, Wisconsin 53126-0505, USA

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Int. Cl.: E21B47/047; E21B43/20; G01F23/00; E21B43/12; F04B47/00 (2006.01)

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Examiner: Eng. Mohammed A. AlShamrani

[57] Abstract: A method and apparatus for operating a pumping system includes the following: determining a motor operating parameter of a motor configured to drive a pump in a well; determining a pump operating parameter of the pump based on the motor operating parameter; operating the pump in a first mode to determine pump characteristics at a desired fluid level; generating first mode output data based on operation of the pump in the first mode; operating the pump in a second mode based on the first mode output data; determining an estimated fluid level in the well based on the motor operating parameter, the pump operating parameter and the first mode output data; and adjusting the pump speed based on the estimated fluid level in order to maintain a desired fluid level.
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