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[72] Inventor: Jozef Hubert MEESSEN

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Int. Cl.7: C07C273/04; C07C273/00

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-GB 1 542 371 A (SNAM PROGETTI) 21 March 1979
-US 6 114 579 A (VAN NIJCK JULIUS G T) 5 September 2000
Examiner: Bander M. Al-Thobity

[57] Abstract: Process for the preparation of urea from carbon dioxide and ammonia by means of a urea stripping process, comprising a high-pressure stripper and a high-pressure condenser, whereby a urea synthesis solution is formed, and wherein the stream condensate that forms during high-pressure stripping of the urea synthesis solution is utilized for medium-pressure decomposition of the ammonium carbamate in the urea synthesis solution, characterized in that a combination of the steam condensate and steam A, which forms in the high-pressure condenser, is used for medium-pressure decomposition, with the high-pressure condenser being a submerged condenser. The invention also relates to a process for improving a urea plant comprising a thermal stripping process.
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