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Int. Cl.: E21B43/12; E21B43/14; E21B47/10 (2006.01)

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Examiner: Eng. Imad A. AlAhaidib

[57] Abstract: Disclosed is a method for transient testing of an oil well to determine the individual, distinct skin factor components of an apparent skin factor, which includes opening the well to a first predefined choke setting to allow the reservoir fluid to flow through the well for a first predefined period of time, and measuring a production rate of the reservoir fluid through the well, when the first predefined period of time expires. The method further includes performing a shut-in of the well for a first predefined build-up period, and repeating, when the first predefined build-up period expires, the steps of the flowing, the measuring, and the performing for at least two additional choke settings. Each of the additional choke settings is consecutively lower than a preceding choke setting. Further, the method includes determining an apparent skin factor for each measured production rate. The apparent skin factor is a function of the measured production rate. When each of the determined apparent skin factors is plotted against a respective squared-measured production rate value, the plotted values form a linear relationship. The method further includes determining a well skin factor and a completion skin factor based on the determined apparent skin factor. The well skin factor is defined by an intercept of the linear relationship when the squared-measured production rate is zero and the completion skin factor is defined by a product of the slope of the linear relationship and the squared-measured production rate.
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