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[72] Inventors:1- Tatsuya Tamura،2- Yuki Noda،3- Takashi Nomoto،4- Takashi Onozuka

[73] Owner: UNICHARM CORPORATION, 182. Shimobun, Kinsei-cho, Shikokuchuo-shi 799-0111, Ehime , Japan

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Examiner: Ashwaq Hamed Al-Ghanami

[57] Abstract: To provide an absorbent article that allows easy folding of the wing sections of the absorbent article along the shape of the edges of the leg openings of underwear. The invention is an absorbent article 1 having a lengthwise direction (Y direction) and a widthwise direction (X direction), comprising a body section 10 which has a liquid-permeable top sheet 2 provided on the skin side, a liquid-impermeable back sheet provided on the clothing side and a liquid-retaining absorbent body 4 provided between the top sheet 2 and the back sheet, and wing sections 5 that extend out from both edges of the body section 10 in the widthwise direction, the surface on the side opposite the clothing side of the wing sections 5 being made of the top sheet 2 or a side sheet provided on both sides in the widthwise direction of the top sheet 2, and comprising a plurality of bent sections 21 which extend in a discontinuous manner in the lengthwise direction and are aligned in the widthwise direction, having approximately U-shaped widthwise cross-sectional shapes, on the surface of the top sheet 2 or side sheets, on the side opposite the clothing side of at least the wing sections 5.[SELECTED DRAWING] Fig. 1
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