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[72] Inventors:1- Rainald Forbert،2- Stefan Hauke ‏،3- Ralph Joh،4- Markus Kinzl،5- Rudiger Schneider

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Int. Cl.: B01D 53/14 (2006.01)

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Examiner: Ali Ahmed Almulla

[57] Abstract: A device (2) for separating off carbon dioxide, in particular from a flue gas (RG) of a fossil-fuelled power plant, is specified, comprising an absorption unit (4), a desorption unit (5) assigned to the absorption unit (4) and a separation unit (10) for separating off salts from a scrubbing solution. In this case the absorption unit (4) and the desorption unit (5) are connected to each other via a first conduit (6) for a regenerated scrubbing solution (A) and a second conduit (7) for a loaded scrubbing solution (A’). The separation unit (10) comprises a crystallizer (20) for forming salt crystals and a first separator unit (25) on the downstream side thereof for separating off the salt crystals. In addition, a corresponding method for operating the device (2) for separating off carbon dioxide is specified. Furthermore, a separation unit (10) is specified for separating off salts from a scrubbing solution (10), which separation unit (10) comprises a crystallizer (20) and a first separator unit (25) downstream thereof for separating off salt crystals. The crystallizer (20) comprises a crystallization chamber (21) for forming the salt crystals and a countercurrent classifier (22) for separating the salt crystals according to their particle size. A first branch conduit (32) is connected to the crystallization chamber (21), which first branch conduit (32) opens out into the countercurrent classifier (22) via a second separator unit (26).
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