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[72] Inventors:1- WEDDE Geir،2- BJARNO Odd E.،3- SORHUUS Anders K.

[73] Owner: General Electric Technology GmbH, Brown Boveri Strasse 7, 5400 , Baden, Switzerland

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-WO 2011/089497 A1 (ALSTOM TECHNOLOGY LTD) 28 July 2011
-US 3/664935 A (Arthur F. Johnson) 23 May 1972
Examiner: Yahiya Naser Al-BuSafi

[57] Abstract: An aluminium production electrolytic cell (14) comprises a bath (20) with bath contents (18), at least one cathode electrode (22) in contact with said contents (18), at least one anode electrode (16) in contact with said contents (18), and a hood (36), defining interior area (36a), covering at least a portion of said bath (20). The electrolytic cell (14) is equipped for effluent gases to be drawn from said interior area (36a). The electrolytic cell (14) also comprises at least one heat exchanger (74) for cooling at least a portion of the gases drawn from interior area (36a), prior to circulation thereof to interior area (36a) through at least one distribution device (90).
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