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[21] Application No.:GC 2013-24918

[22] Filing Date:10/7/2013

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[72] Inventors:1- Dr.Stephan Peitz،2- Dr. Dietrich Maschmeyer ،3- Dr. Frank Geilen،4- Reiner Bukohl،5- Dr. Jorg Schallenberg،6- Dr.Armin Rix،7- Dr.Andreas Wolff،8- Matthias Leipold،9- Dr. Markus Winterberg

[73] Owner: Evonik Operations GmbH, Rellinghauser Strasse 1-11 , Essen , Germany

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Int. Cl.: C07C 319/18 (2006.01)

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-WO 03/062178 A1 (CATALYTIC DIST! LLATION TECH [US]) 31 July 2003  
Examiner: Faisal Abdulla Aljardan

[57] Abstract: Abstract The invention relates to a process for the thioetherification of mercaptans with multiply unsaturated hydrocarbons, carried out in a reactor with addition of hydrogen using a heterogeneous catalyst and in the presence of 1-butene. It is an object of the invention to configure a process of this type in such a way that the value derived from the crude C4 stream used is increased. This object is achieved by the hydrogen being introduced into the reaction in such a way that the molar ratio of hydrogen to multiply unsaturated hydrocarbons is not more than one. Figure 1 for abstract
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