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[72] Inventor: BERGAMINI, Lorenzo

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Examiner: Eng. Mohammad W. AlHoshan

[57] Abstract: A centrifugal pump is described, comprising: a casing; a rotary shaft arranged for rotation in the casing; a plurality of pump stages, each pump stage comprising an impeller secured on said rotary shaft and arranged for rotation in a respective im-peller chamber formed in the casing. The pump further comprises a plurality of sealing members for reducing leakage between a rotary component and a respec-tive stationary component. At least one of the sealing members comprises an ar-rangement of compliant plate members attached in facing relation at root ends to the respective stationary component and forming a sealing ring between the sta-tionary component and the respective rotary component. Moreover, at least some pump stages have a specific speed of 25 or less.
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