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[72] Inventors:1- Kevin John SCHWINT،2- Robert J. BRUMMER

[73] Owner: Lummus Technology Inc., 1515 Broad Street, New Jersey 07003-3096, Bloomfield, USA

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Int. Cl.: B01J 19/24; C07C 11/167, 7/08 (2006.01)

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Examiner: Eng. Sattam M.AlMutairi

[57] Abstract: A process for recovering 1,3-butadiene from a C4 fraction, where the butadiene extraction processes may be operated at an intermediate pressure using a liquid ring type compressor. The use of a liquid ring compressor, among other process options presented herein, may advantageously reduce capital and operating costs, similar to the compressorless option, while mitigating the risks associated with the higher operating temperatures and pressures associated with the compressorless option. Thus, the embodiments of the processes disclosed herein encompass the best features of the conventional design (low pressure, with a compressor) with the advantages of the compressorless design (low capital and operating cost), as well as other advantages unique to the systems disclosed herein.
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