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[72] Inventor: Ronald G. PETERSON

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E21B 43/12, 43/16, 47/008

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Examiner: Eng. Saleh M. AlAqil

[57] Abstract: There is provided a method and system to determine the position of a sucker rod pumping system without a position sensing device during production pumping. A pump control system of the sucker rod pumping system includes a controller coupled to a database, with the controller configured to access an rxless torque value in the database. With the stored rxless torque value representative of toggle points of the crank arm during an initial calibration pumping cycle, the controller further is configured to continuously sample the rxless torque value of the system and determine the crank arm position in relation to the sample rxless torque value. The controller adjusts the pumping system for optimal operations, without a crank arm position sensor during production pumping by identifying a toggle point and setting the crank arm position estimate equal to the value corresponding to the crank position at the identified toggle point.
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