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[57] Abstract: A window milling system can include a window mill having selectively retractable and extendable blades, and a whipstock assembly having a receptacle therein, the window mill being secured relative to the whipstock assembly the blades are received in the receptacle. A method of cutting a window through a wellbore lining can include cutting through the lining with a window mill, then retracting blades of the window mill, and then outwardly extending the blades in a whipstock assembly, thereby securing the whipstock assembly to the window mill. A window mill can include multiple blades adapted for cutting through a wellbore lining, the blades being outwardly extendable relative to a body of the window mill in a well. Another method of cutting a window through a wellbore lining can include a window mill drilling a wellbore outward a substantial distance from the window after the window mill cutting through the lining.
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