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[21] Application No.:GC 2014-27358

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[72] Inventor: William J. Miniscalco

[73] Owner: Raytheon Company, 870 Winter Street, Waltham, Massachusetts, 02451-1449, USA

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H04B 10/112

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-US 2009/214216 A1 (MINISCALCO WILLIAM J [US] ET AL) 27 August 2009  
Examiner: Eng. Mohammad W. AlHoshan

[57] Abstract: The disclosure provides a practical system and methods for implementing an adaptive free-space optical network with a high-connectivity, dynamic mesh topology. The network can have operational characteristics similar to those of RF mobile ad-hock networks.Each node has one or more optical terminals that may utilize space-time division multiplexing, which entails rapid spatial hopping of optical beams to provide a high dynamic node degree without incurring high cost or high size, weight, and power requirements. As a consequence the network rapidly sequences through a series of topologies, during each of which connected nodes communicate.Each optical terminal may include a plurality of dedicated acquisition and tracking apertures which can be used to increase the speed at which traffic links can be switched between nodes and change the network topology. An RF overlay network may be provided to act as a control plane and be used to provide node discovery and adaptive route planning for the optical network.
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