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[57] Abstract: An improved bypass valve (10), especially suitable for the connection of terminal units in which a heat exchange occurs between the environment to be conditioned and a thermal-carrier fluid, in particular a liquid, with the lines of delivery or supply and return of said fluid, with these units typically defined by heat exchangers, fan coil units, batteries for air handling units of the AHU (air handling unit) type in the field of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), comprising an H-shaped valve-body (12) with two opposed and parallel tubular elements defining a delivery duct (14) and a return duct (16) joined one to the other and communicating by means of a transverse element defining a bypass duct (18), said valve-body integrating, in a monobloc structure, an on-off delivery valve, an on-off return valve and an on-off bypass valve, said latter provided with a linear shutter (43) to enable/disable the circulation of a thermal-carrier fluid through said bypass duct (18).Fig. 6
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