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[72] Inventors:1- Daniel M. Cloud ،2- Stephen Gregory Jeane ،3- David J. Burns

[73] Owner: Parker Hannifin Filtration (US), Inc., 6035 Parkland Boulevard, Cleveland, USA

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Int. Cl.: B01D 46/02, 46/42 (2006.01)

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Examiner: Eng. Sattam M.AlMutairi

[57] Abstract: Improvements to filtration and vessels such as for filtration and coalescing of gas streams are shown. A filter element with a partial treated region and untreated region such as providing different surface energies or other filtration characteristics are provided. Various keying arrangements for compatibility and /or rotational locking are shown between the filtration vessel, a tubular coalescing baffle, and/or filter element. The tubular coalescing baffle also may include non-louvered pore structure, which provides for more even flow in a two stage type filtration vessel to prevent premature exiting and reduction of flow velocities along the second stage, and/or may additionally or alternatively include drainage apertures such as drain slot formed along a gravitational bottom or otherwise to facilitate additional drainage of coalesced liquid as opposed to letting such liquid be forced through fluid velocity toward the open end of the tubular baffle.
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