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[11] Patent No.:GC0007611  
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Number of the Decision to Grant the Patent:2018/126210
Date of the Decision to Grant the Patent:18/Apr/2018

[21] Application No.:GC 2014-27476

[22] Filing Date:1/7/2014

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[72] Inventor: Bonifacio J. Eyales

[73] Owner: Bonifacio J. Eyales, 15B Duero Street, Vista Verde Executive Village, Cainta, Rizal 1900, Philippines

[74] Agent: Abu-Gazaleh Intellectual Property L.L.C




Int. Cl.: H02M 11/00 (2006.01)

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-JP 2011004460 A (TOYOTA MOTOR CORP.) 6 January 2011  
Examiner: Eng. Saleh M. AlAqil

[57] Abstract: Systems and methods for providing power to a load are provided. One system includes a first reactor including a first plurality of coils. A first coil of the first plurality of coils is configured to generate a first magnetic field, and a plurality of second coils of the first plurality of coils are configured to generate a plurality of second magnetic fields that vary an intensity of the first magnetic field. The system further comprises a second reactor comprising a second plurality of coils, wherein the second plurality of coils are configured to tune the first reactor to the load. The first reactor is configured to provide the power to the load, and the second reactor is configured to increase the power provided to the load by increasing an intensity of the second magnetic fields generated by the second coils and tuning the first reactor to the load.
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