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[72] Inventor: MITCHELL, Ian David Campbell

[73] Owner: Halliburton Energy Services,Inc., 10200 Bellaire Boulevard, Houston, 77072, Texas , USA

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-US 20130033702 A1 (TUNHEIM et al.) 7 February 2013
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Examiner: Eng. Imad A. AlAhaidib

[57] Abstract: Disclosed are systems and methods for measuring the gas content in drilling fluids in real time using optical computing devices. One system includes a flow path circulating a drilling fluid into and out of a borehole during drilling operations, a first optical computing device arranged at or near an outlet of the borehole and having a first integrated computational element configured to optically interact with the drilling fluid as it exits the borehole and generate a first output signal corresponding to a concentration of a gas present in the drilling fluid at the outlet of the borehole, and a signal processor communicably coupled to the first optical computing device and configured to receive the first output signal and determine the concentration of the gas present in the drilling fluid at the outlet of the borehole.
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