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[21] Application No.:GC 2014-28186

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[72] Inventor: Ignacio Vic Fernandez

[73] Owner: SABIC Global Technologies B.V., Plasticslaan 1, 4612 , Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands

[74] Agent: Saba & Co. T.M.P




Int. Cl.: C08G 64/30 (2006.01)

[56] Cited Documents:

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Examiner: Sarah Fahad Al-Dossary

[57] Abstract: In an embodiment: a melt polymerization process comprises: melt polymerizing reactants in at least two polymerization units, in the presence of a first catalyst composition and a second catalyst composition to form polycarbonate, wherein the first catalyst composition and the second catalyst composition comprise an alpha catalyst; wherein the melt polymerizing comprises: adding the first catalyst composition to the polycarbonate, adding a first quencher composition to the polycarbonate downstream of adding the first catalyst composition, adding the second catalyst composition to the polycarbonate downstream of adding a first quencher composition; filtering the polycarbonate; and directing the polycarbonate to an extruder.
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