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[72] Inventor: SALLEN ROSELLO, Cesar

[73] Owner: Everis Aeroespacial Y Defensa S.L.U, Avda. De Manoteras, 52, 28050 Madrid, Spain

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Examiner: Eng. Ghassan F. AlBuhairan

[57] Abstract: Remote-controlled robotic vehicle of the type having running means and an articulated arm which terminates in a clamp, and which is remote controlled to carry out different risky operations by means of a control box, such that the vehicle comprises the following: two wheel sets, one at each side, each actuated by corresponding motors; two caterpillar track sets, one at each side inside the wheel sets; a first articulated arm mounted on a 360? rotating turret; a second articulated arm that rotates with respect to a vertical mounting axis and double articulating means of mounting of the turret for the movement thereof with respect to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle, such that, with the two wheel sets and the two caterpillar track sets, it moves along all kinds of ground, and with the combined movements of the two articulated arms, it holds and handles the objects to be examined.
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