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[72] Inventors:1- Li Gao،2- Michael T. Pelletier،3- Dingding Chen،4- Nestor Rodriguez

[73] Owner: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc., 10200 Bellaire Boulevard, Houston77072 , Texas , USA

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Examiner: Eng. Ahmed Saleem AlHinai

[57] Abstract: System, methods, and apparatuses for determining properties of a production fluid downhole are presented. In one instance, a system includes a sample-filled sensing device for vibrating a first suspended tube containing a sample of production fluid and producing a first response signal. The system also includes a reference-fluid sensing device with a second suspended tube containing a viscosity-tunable fluid therein. The system vibrates the second suspended tube to create a second response signal. The viscosity of the viscosity-tunable fluid is varied until it is deemed to match that of the sample production fluid. Other systems and methods are presented.
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