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[72] Inventors:1- Helmut Fritz،2- Torben Höfel

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-DE 102005003499 A1 (LINDE AG [DE]) 30 August 2006
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Examiner: Eng. Sattam M.AlMutairi

[57] Abstract: A method for separating a hydrogen-containing hydrocarbon mixture (C2minus), which in addition to the hydrogen essentially contains hydrocarbons with two carbon atoms and methane, using a distillation column (10). Fluid (a, c, e) of the hydrocarbon mixture (C2minus) is cooled stepwise at a first pressure level, during which time first condensates (b, d) are separated from the fluid (a, c, e). Fluid (e) from the hydrocarbon mixture (C2minus) which remains gaseous after this is fed at the first pressure level into a C2 absorber (7), to which a liquid reflux (r) is added at the top, while a second condensate (f) is drawn off from the sump of the C2 absorber (7) and a gaseous top stream (g) containing predominantly methane and hydrogen is drawn off at the top of the C2 absorber (7). Fluid of the above-mentioned gaseous top stream (g) from the top of the C2 absorber (7) is cooled to a third temperature level and transferred at the first pressure level into a hydrogen separator (8) in which a methane-rich third condensate (i) is separated from the fluid of the gaseous top stream (g), leaving behind a gaseous, hydrogen-rich stream (h). Fluid of the first condensates (b, d) and fluid of the second condensate (f) is depressurized from the first pressure level to a second pressure level below the first pressure level and fed into the distillation column (10) which is operated at the second pressure level. Fluid (e) of the third condensate (i) which is separated in the hydrogen separator (8) from the fluid of the gaseous top stream (g) from the top of the C2 absorber is used as the reflux (r) added at the top of the C2 absorber (7) and transferred from the hydrogen separator to the C2 absorber solely by gravity. The invention also relates to a corresponding separating unit and a corresponding olefin apparatus. (Figure 3)
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