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[11] Patent No.:GC0007663  
[45] Date of Publishing the Grant of the Patent: 30/Apr /2018                48/2018  
Number of the Decision to Grant the Patent:2018/126565
Date of the Decision to Grant the Patent:29/Apr/2018

[21] Application No.:GC 2015-29449

[22] Filing Date:25/5/2015

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[72] Inventors:1- Carole PISSOT SOLDERMANN،2- Jean QUANCARD،3- Achim Schlapbach،4- Oliver SIMIC،5- Marina TINTELNOT-BLOMLEY،6- Thomas ZOLLER

[73] Owner: Novartis AG, Lichtstrasse 35 4056, Basel , Switzerland

[74] Agent: Saud M. A. Shawwaf Law Office




Int. Cl.: A61K 31/519; A61P 29/00, 35/00; C07D 487/04 (2006.01)

[56] Cited Documents:

-WO 2009/065897 A2 (VIB vzw [BE] ; UNIV GENT [BE] ; UNIV LEU VEN KATH [BE] ; BEYAERT RUDI [BE]) 28 May 2009  
Examiner: PH. Mohammad S. AlMousa

[57] Abstract: The present invention describes new pyrazolo-pyrimidine derivatives which are generally interacting with MALT1 proteolytic and/or autoproteolytic activity, and in particular which may inhibit said activity. The present invention further describes the synthesis of said new pyrazolo-pyrimidine derivatives, their use as a medicament, especially by interacting with MALT1 proteolytic and/or autoproteolytic activity.
No. of claims: 14


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