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Examiner: Eng. Mohammad W. AlHoshan

[57] Abstract: Provided is a precoding method for generating, from a plurality of baseband signals, a plurality of precoded signals to be transmitted over the same frequency bandwidth at the same time, including the steps of selecting a matrix F[i] from among N matrices, which define precoding performed on the plurality of baseband signals, while switching between the N matrices, i being an integer from 0 to N – 1, and N being an integer at least two, generating a first precoded signal z1 and a second precoded signal z2, generating a first encoded block and a second encoded block using a predetermined error correction block encoding method, generating a baseband signal with M symbols from the first encoded block and a baseband signal with M symbols the second encoded block, and precoding a combination of the generated baseband signals to generate a precoded signal having M slots.
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